Eco Pretium is a system that earns mileage through self power generation. You can download ECO BMW, Walking app and accumulate mileage based on how many steps you had in daily life. Or you can earn mileages based on amount of electricity generated by the automatic generators of hienergy usa company affiliated with Eco Pretium. These mileage credits can be exchanged for Pretium and various transactions can be made. This is a block chain based eco-mileage trading platform business.

Eco Pretium can be obtained only
by walking or developing renewable energy

Walking App

Simply by installing Eco Pretium walking app, Earn Eco Mileage as rewards that contribute to carbon reduction.


Energy Generation

Hienergy USA, in partnership with Eco Pretium, is a renewable energy technology business and a green company with next-generation energy VRFB technology.


Eco Mileage

When a certain amount of Eco mileage is accumulated, mileage will automatically be exchanged to cryptocurrency Pretium through smartphone application or modem.


Eco Pretium

The accumulated eco mileage will be exchanged once a week. Pretium, which corresponds to the total amount of mined weekly, is exchanged with n value of total eco mileage participant number.  It will be used on a variety of platforms.

Anyone can easily get started anytime, anywhere.
Start right here right now.

The block-chain-based cryptography that attracts attention as the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution

Eco-coded money to conserve global environment and reduce greenhouse gas

Cryptographic compensation system based on eco-mileage accrual through app

Cryptographic exchange system based on eco-mileage accrual through new and renewable energy production

High compatibility and automatic backup function by adopting web-based electronic wallet

Strong security and transaction processing speed based on multi-block chain

Adoption of renewable energy generation mining method instead of PoW system to reduce waste of energy

Attempts to differentiate from existing cryptocurrency market that rely on mining and trading margins through card partnerships and energy development

Strategic Business Partnership

  • Research and development of block chain and virtual currency
  • Eco Pretium Mining
  • Walking app launching & Eco mileage
  • Mileage virtual currency exchange
  • Business alliance with Debit Card
  • Launched online shopping mall
  • Listing Cryptographic Exchange market
  • Companies with renewable energy technology
  • Next-generation battery VRFB technology
  • Wind power generator supply business
  • Energy management system and energy storage solution support
  • Plans to expand wind power generation and solar power generation system business
Our Services

Advantages of Eco Pretium

There is a tendency that the number of encrypted money settlement shops is expanding on and offline.  Among them, Dell computer is a pioneer. In 2014, Dell introduced a bit coin billing system and has recently announced that Google has completed its billing system too. It maintains high security without being dependent on the international exchange rate which is the biggest advantage of bit coin. n addition, it is easy to pay internationally, and it can save money in many ways, such as fees to be paid by banks or credit card companies, and exchange fees for exchanges. With this payment solution, Eco Pretium can be used as a means of buying and selling electricity installed in ESS solutions as well as electric motorcycle charging stations.

Advantage 01

Because Pretium transactions are completely anonymous and private, transactions can not be identified and only Pretium's address is known.

Advantage 02

Pretium can be sent and received anywhere in the world, has no intermediaries, can send and receive at any time, and there is no payment limit.

Advantage 03

Payments through Pretium are very low transaction fees and you have to pay a fee if you want to be able to process transactions quickly in interpersonal transactions.

Advantage 04

Pretium transactions can be processed immediately for a zero-confirmation transaction and take only a few seconds to process the verified transaction.

Advantage 05

Pretium transactions do not need to expose private information, and it is safe to sign Pretium with a combination of public and private keys

Advantage 06

Pretium can be mined through eco-mileage accrual, or exchange with Pretium that are already mined.

Platinum Club Membership

Pretium Deposits & Revenue Allocation

Platinum Club members will receive a 30% return on their pretium card revenue when they deposit their passwords. From the first year, the amount allocated to each deposited Eco Pretium is distributed evenly and the total amount allocated is reduced by 10% annually on a yearly basis. Platinum Club members can deposit coins of 40,000 PRE units in one unit.

We invite you to Eco Pretium "PLATINUM CLUB".

SNS Communication

Mark Lynas, a journalist and environmental activist, published Six Degrees in the Guardian magazine

Influence Of Climate Change

Use Green Energy

A fundamental solution is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by implementing green energy production and energy conservation. First, governments and corporations should develop new alternative energy sources instead of polluting the earth, such as petroleum and coal materials. Environmentally friendly energy using nature should be used to ensure that the environment is not contaminated. legislation and policies to reduce the use of disposable products must be enforced.

Education & Practice

Through various public organizations and NGO, local governments, and media, we should actively educate in order to practice on global warming solutions. This is because people's perceptions and attitudes change will bring about even greater changes. We should strive for lifestyle habits that can save energy.  For example, it is more effective to reduce the use of automobiles, the amount of waste, the use of air conditioning or heating, and the use of disposable products. Planting trees is always a top priority.

Participation in the Eco Mileage Program

Global warming solutions are never far away.  By changing our perception and practicing, the temperature of the earth can be gradually lowered, and earth, plants and animals can be safely maintained. First of all, it is highly urgent to improve the awareness of individuals and organizations on environmental protection and actively participate in eco-mileage program.

Walking App UMBW

Download Walking app and earn Eco mileage while walking

The U.M.B.W app, a low-carbon (app-summer) Walking app, complements the disadvantages of the existing walking apps and allows consumers to continue to have fun. The apps show differentiated services in connection with my SNS followers. We also started by offering the app-summer Eco Pretium App free of charge. It can be recommended for those who want to invest in economics, or those who want a healthy lifestyle by the usual walking exercise.

Spin Bike

Use the indoor bicycle spin bike to generate energy and earn Eco mileage

Check your health while exercising with an indoor bicycle spin bike and provide eco mileage per 100W depending on the amount of electricity produced. The patented energy storage and placement system is literally designed to be close to unlimited storage. It can operate at a rate as high as the amount of charge used, and can be kept operating for at least 25 years without deep degradation of charge and discharge cycles, absolutely no degradation or deterioration of capacity.

Auto Generator

Earn mileage while developing using auto generator

When powered by an auto-generator, it provides mileage per 100W.It is a high-performance, high-efficiency energy storage device using hybrid ion battery technology, and there is no discharge of harmful substances by utilizing a perfect cell protection device. The electrolytic solution is not corroded by the use of salt water, and it is very safe (overcoming the disadvantages of lithium and lead-acid battery), and BMS is unnecessary and it is possible to ship and assemble it locally. ESS is easy to store and can be loaded, so there is no risk of flammability

Eco Mileage Trading Platform through
Eco-friendly energy generation

Walking app & Eco Generator

Eco Pretium generates renewable energy (magnetic power) to calculate energy production and compensate it with digital cryptography. In the meantime, the PoW (proof of work) cryptographers used an energy wasting method to mince cryptograms by operating a miner with high electricity consumption. Nowadays, miners are gradually shifting to PoS (proof of equity) method. Eco Pretium goes a step further and aims to compensate for the contribution it has made to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by eco mileage. The new generation of renewable energy is measured using the Internet(IoT), mileage is collected and exchanged for Eco Pretium.

Compatibility Of Eco Pretium

Compatibility of Web based Wallet

The web version of Wallet is compatible with Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Based on the block chain, we will focus on the expansion of O2O (Online to Offline) Eco Pretium in the future, including Uber and Airbnb, which are shared economic marketers.

ICBM(Internet of Thing, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile) Platform

Core ICBM Platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Internet of Thing

Everything that can be connected, will be connected.


infinite power of computation in your pocket.

Big Data

insight about every aspect of our lives.


information anywhere, anytime

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Notice of Risk

Pretium is a digital currency created in a block chain as part of a distributed software protocol with block-based virtual currency. Pretium is an encrypted currency issued on a bit coin basis and is used to pay for the owner to access, store and trade the Pretium platform. Pretium is considered to be used only on the Pretium platform. Pretium does not grant the right to participate in company ownership, equity or company control, direction or decision making, and individuals and companies wish to make a decision by carefully considering the risks, costs and benefits of Pretium acquisition. Pretiumcoin Inc. Does not guarantee Pretium’s performance or value for the future, and it does not guarantee guarantees of internal value, guarantee of repayment and guarantee of increase or decrease of value, so please make a decision with careful judgment.

Eco pretium Wallet

eco pretium e-wallet is a UI developed from the user's point of view, address book, App optimization makes it easier to use.

App download



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